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Our easy-to-read pipe book is printed in 10 points Arial font.  As an operations person knows you make a lot of notes in your pipe book.  To help keep those notes neat and organized there are blank pages and index tabs with lines on them for easy note-taking.  The “D” ring binder lets the book open flat for easier handling.  The paper is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and very strong, it is so strong you can pick up the whole book using just one page.  The cover is a sturdy vinyl with inside pockets on the front cover and on the back cover.

Participants attending our courses receive a copy of the “Browning Training Pipe Tables“.  We can also customize these books specifically for your company or you can order the “Browning Training Pipe Tables” as pictured, call us or email us to discuss your needs.

New in 2014 !!  We now publish “Browning Training Pipe Tables – International“.  This version contains Feet to Barrels – Feet to Cubic Meters and Meters to Barrels – Meters to Cubic Meters.  And all of the other tables normally associated with a pipe book.

Need extra blank lined sheets for your pipe book, we ship them in packets of 25, punched for your book, call or email for pricing.

Contact us today to order “Browning Training Pipe Tables” or to discuss a customized pipe book for your company.

Online Training
Online Training