Petroleum Industry Training

Proudly serving the petroleum industry since 2006!

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Employee Development

Our courses build employee confidence and assist management with workforce development.

Browning training offers a two-day workshop for “Nitrogen Foamed Cement”. Contact us for information and to schedule a presentation for your people.


Customized Pipe Books

Our courses use the “Browning Training Pipe Tables”. The pipe book/tables can be customized to fit your company. Contact us to discuss customizing our pipe book to fit your company. browning training has a US/Metric version of our pipe book! “Browning Training Pipe Tables International”.


Starting Our
Twelfth Year

During the first eleven years, Browning Training has had more than 1,300 participants complete our courses.

We are very thankful for the continued support of our customers and look forward to the next 14 years!

About Us

Come and learn from the best at Browning Training. Our petroleum industry training program covers the cementing and stimulation of oil and gas wells. Founded in 2006, the experts at Browning Training come with more than 40 years of field experience to back up their training. Currently, we serve 25 companies in the US, Canada and the Middle East.

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