Basic Cementing One

Basic Cementing One is the introductory course for all other courses presented by Browning Training Consultants.  The basic oil field calculations are presented in the course.  Starting with a review of fractions and units of measure, it continues at a steady pace covering the basics for:

  •   Surface Casings
  •   Intermediate and Production Casings
  •   Balanced Plug Jobs
  •   Slurry calculations using recommended water requirements

The successful participant at the end of this course will have the skills to:

  •   Create and use well bore schematics
  •   Work with volume and height in pipes and in annuluses
  •   Calculate Hydrostatic Pressure and Differential pressure
  •   Calculate volumes required for each job type
  •   Calculate Slurry Recipes, density, yield and water requirements
  •   Effectively use a pipe book as a calculation aid
  •   Understand the various pieces of equipment used down hole during a  job
  •   Understand the basic information presented on a cement lab report
  •   Basic Hydraulics

Participants are given ‘homework’ at the end of each day.  This homework reinforces the information covered that day in the class.  Each morning the homework is reviewed then the participants take a closed book test covering the material presented on the previous day.  A passing score is 70%.

All of the materials the participant will require for the course are provided by Browning Training Consultants, including a calculator. 

Classes start each day at 8:00 am and finish when the material for that day is complete.  It is normally presented at the Browning Training Consultants facility.  However special arrangements can be made to present it at other locations if that better fits the customer needs

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