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About Browning 

  •  The Society of Petroleum Engineers
  •  Board Member | University of Houston Petroleum Engineering Advisory Board (PEAB)

Browning Petroleum Industry Training Staff

Jerry Browning worked for more than 20 years with Halliburton Energy Services, one of the largest service companies in the world. More than 18 years of that experience was in international operations in the North Sea, Africa, and the Middle East. He worked in various positions in operations, including 11 years as an instructor, senior instructor, and human resource development.

Mr. Browning’s training skills were sharpened by taking his training courses on the road. He would regularly move a considerable volume of course supplies into remote and difficult environments in order to teach.

After leaving Halliburton Energy Services, he continued working for them as a consultant presenting management courses in the US and internationally. In 2000, he joined CSI Technologies, an engineering firm in Houston, Texas. During his tenure with CSI Technologies, he dealt with all areas of oil-well cementing as a technical adviser.

Presently, Browning Training Consultants provides training for 25 service companies in North America and the Middle East.

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