Basic Cementing Two
– Primary Cementing Jobs

This course is for the participant who has successfully completed Basic Cementing One.  It includes Liner Jobs and expands the participant’s basic knowledge.

  •   Excess volume calculations
  •   Caliper logs
  •   Deviated wellbores
  •   Pipe and Tubing Dimensions and Strengths
  •   Stuck pipe calculations
  •   Multiple casing strings
  •   Multiple displacement fluids
  •   Slurry calculations

The Basic Cementing Two classes are more intense than the Basic Cementing One class; however, the participant; because of the skills learned in the first class, adjust easily to the increased information being presented to them.

In this class, for example, the participant will expand the basic slurry calculations to include:

  •   Calculating the amount of water to add to a sack of cement for a specific density
  •   Calculating the amount of heavyweight additive to add to a sack of cement for a specific density
  •   Using salt in a cementing slurry
  •   Using liquid additives in a cement slurry
  •   Calculate POZ (fly ash) slurries

They will understand maximum pressure and how to calculate it when breaking circulation on a casing job.  What the effects of differential pressure are when the plug lands on the collar.  Work with multiple kick off points in deviated well bores.

For proper employee development participants should start the Basic Cementing Two classes within 6 months of the Basic Cementing One class; completing all of the classes within the next 24 months.  Presently other class in the Basic Cementing Two series is:

Basic Cementing Two – Squeeze Cementing

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