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  Basic Cementing Two – Squeeze Cementing

This course is for the participant who has successfully completed Basic Cementing One

  • Ø  Defining what a squeeze job is
  • Ø  Slurry considerations
  • Ø  Fracture Gradients
  • Ø  Maximum Pressures
  • Ø  Pipe dimensions and strengths
  • Ø  Basic down hole hydraulics on drillable and retrievable packers

The Basic Cementing Two classes are more intense than the Basic Cementing One classes; however the participant, because of the skills learned in the first class, adjusts easily to the increased information being presented to them.

In this class for example the participant will be exposed to:

  • Ø  Slack off weight on a packer how much and how many inches
  • Ø  Off shore motion compensators
  • Ø  Temperature change effects on tubulars
  • Ø  Elongation due to pressure
  • Ø  Maximum squeeze pressure and formation fracture gradient, casing collapse resistance
  • Ø  Maximum reversing pressures
  • Ø  Thickening time and fluid loss of squeeze slurries

For proper employee development participants should start the Basic Cementing Two classes within 6 months of the Basic Cementing One class; completing all of the classes within the next 24 months.  Presently other class in the Basic Cementing Two series is:

               Basic Cementing Two – Primary Cementing

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